Professional ship refitting services in Launceston

With a huge range of modern facilities at our disposal, we can confidently tackle a diverse range of repairs and ship refitting projects on a wide variety of ocean-going vessels. By utilising a regular and skilled workforce with a wide skill set, we have access to the resources needed for high-quality and lasting ship refitting services.

Ship repair and maintenance

We have the capacity to deal with all types of craft from as small as 8 metres through to barges, and ocean-going ships. Our fully equipped workshops can take care of everything from precision engineering and machining to electrical works and a specialised propeller shaft service. Whether you require modifications, fabrications, painting, ship cleaning, or general shipbuilding services, you need to talk to our team at Southern Marine ShipLift Pty Ltd in Launceston.

Our services include:

Engineering and machining facilities
Specialists in propeller and shafting work
Shipbuilding, fabrication and structural modifications/repairs
Galleys and kitchens
Bathrooms, toilets and a whole lot more

Skilled tradespeople

Our highly skilled tradespeople and engineers can carry out all types of marine repairs and modifications to a wide range of vessels, and our facilities include:
Ocean-going repair service in the calm of an inland water complex
A port that is quickly linked to all mainland capitals
A skilled and stable labour force
Scissor, boom, and fork lifts
Hydro and abrasive blasting
Skilled personnel for application of air and airless spray-painting equipment
Yard and derrick cranes

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